Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome to The Boards Room

Welcome to a new experiment in the discussion of collegiate athletics. This blog focuses on the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux (yes, those Fighting Sioux) athletics teams. However, we will also invite contributors from competing schools to give their thoughts and provide comments on the blogs as they're posted.

The objective here is NOT to have a wide-open, no-holds-barred, free-for-all forum where rabid fans trash talk, vent and rip apart each other's opinions. There are plenty of sites on the Web for those who wish to engage in that sort of activity. Our objective is to provide intelligent, insightful and sometimes humorous analysis of the Fighting Sioux and their competitors.

This doesn't mean we're not interested in your opinions. If you want to comment on something here or have an idea for a topic that you'd like to see covered, send an e-mail to this address with your thoughts. Your viewpoint just might become a topic of discussion for The Boards Room.

Thanks for checking out The Boards Room.

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