Friday, March 14, 2008

Dear members

On, one of my favorite Web sites, there's been ongoing speculation as to why I'm no longer posting in the forums there. Following standard Internet operating procedure, some pretend to know "the truth" about why I'm no longer active on the board. Suffice it to say that their knowledge of events and their ability to read my mind is pathetically inadequate.

First, I don't owe the public an explanation for my decision. I didn't announce my reason to start posting and there's no need to announce the reason behind my decision to stop. There are a few people who know the specifics as to why I stopped posting at They are the only people who need to know. There are a few more who know some of the story, but not all of it. That's the way it's going to stay.

Second, I didn't abandon in favor of the U.S. College Hockey Online forums. The fact is that I was an active poster at USCHO for two years before even existed. I've never stopped posting on USCHO.

In addition, given the fact that I've written for USCHO for nearly seven years, nobody should be surprised that I participate on its forums. Some have theorized that my USCHO participation has something to do with money. They are 100 percent wrong.

Third, I don't choose to participate at USCHO because I consider it more civil, more polite or vastly superior to Both sites have more than their fair share of trolls, flamers and idiots. There are also knowledgeable, thoughtful and reasonable posters on both sites.

I began posting in Internet newsgroups 15 years ago, which means that I've been around long enough to understand the nature of the Internet. I'm well acquainted with the "bravery" of people hiding behind the cloak of anonymity and what passes for "the truth" in the online world. That isn't going to change, no matter how much I detest it.

Fourth, my decision to stop posting on wasn't made on an impulsive whim or in a juvenile pique. It was literally at least two years in the making. I spent several months thinking about what to do before I actually stopped participating. There was no single incident that caused me to stop. It was a culmination of events over a number of years.

Finally, I have met some great Fighting Sioux fans as a result of my time on I hope that I can continue to have contact with them. I invite people to e-mail me here. The most difficult part of my decision was knowing that I'd be closing off future opportunities to meet wonderful fans of UND athletics. So it wasn't an easy decision and I didn't treat it lightly. But for a variety of reasons, it was the best decision for me at this time.

Now, I'd appreciate it if everyone would please stop talking about this subject. Life will go on.

Those who wish to continue reading my opinions and recaps of the Fighting Sioux Coaches' Show can do so on this blog. And because I enjoy interacting with college hockey compatriots, I will continue to do that in the Men's Division I Hockey Forum at USCHO, the place where I originally began posting my thoughts on and observations about Fighting Sioux hockey.


Anonymous said...

Well said Pat. Hopefully everyone will accept your explanation here and get on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, though it shouldn't have had to have been said in the first place. Hopefully your explanation will end all conversation of your lack of participation on

I have always enjoyed your insight into the game and will look forward to continue hearing it on your blog. Thank you.

Brandon S. "Windsor" said...

Thanks for still doing the coaches show recaps. I alway appreciate them.

Fetch said...

But we have not found the ball since you left ?

just kidding ;' )

Michael Hill said...

Well said, your still a Sioux fan in my mind and that is all that matters. Thanks for still doing the recaps though.

Patrick C. Miller said...

Thanks to those who have responded positively to my blog. I've received a number of childish insults from readers and, as moderator of this blog, have rejected them.

What these people need to understand is that I did not ask to be discussed at In fact, I had every intention of keeping my decision not to participate on that board as low-key and under-the-radar as possible. Over the past few months, I've ignored insults posted on directed at me.

However, when people who don't even know me and know absolutely nothing about why I left the board or why I continue to post on U.S. College Hockey Online started making things up out of thin air, I had no choice but to respond.

So, no, I don't need to "get over myself." It is some members of who need to get over me. I left and I'm not coming back. If they don't say anything about me, I won't say anything about them. It's that simple.

Jebediah Bug said...

hey, Pat. i really like what you bring to the table on USCHO, and now on your blog. but, i just think you were better off when you were ignoring the whole situation. after reading this last blog entry, I got the impression that you are a little high on yourself. you assume people are talking about you all the time, and expect them to stop just because you said so."It is some members of who need to get over me. I left and I'm not coming back" (do you really think you're that important to these people?(no offense;) )) although, I am taking time out of my life to write this message, don't read to far into it, I lead a boring life. haha.

Goon said...

I think as a society we have lost our civility and respect for our fellow man. Now in todays age of the one up man's ship people just don't respect other people point of view.

I will still read your blog and your post on USCHO.COM. I think you add an interesting perspective.

Patrick C. Miller said...


I posted a link to where people were talking about me on You can read it for yourself. It wasn't an assumption on my part.

I don't mind if people talk about me if what they're saying is at least somewhere near the truth, but it wasn't even close.

I find it rather strange that you and a few others who have made comments think that I'm somehow in the wrong for defending myself with the facts.

Fetch said...

How would I get over myself ? everywhere I go there I am

Just be you & have Fun

Many of us miss your not so serious side - but appreciate your serious abilities

- & being controversial & telling it like it is (or as you see it) is interesting & sparks conversation too & can also be Fun - there are just so many who don't get sarcasm & take everything way to serious & the generation gap is alive & well (as it should be)

Whistler said...

In a comment on SS I said something about you getting paid by USCHO.

Let me make it clear that I was not saying you were being paid to post on USCHO.

I did mean that since you were part of the team at USCHO it would make sense to support them in other avenues.

Of course it was merely speculation on an ongoing discussion.

Patrick C. Miller said...


That's what I thought you meant, but I just wanted to make it clear because some might take it the wrong way. I posted on USCHO long before I ever wrote for them. I posted there before they began paying me for the occasional feature story I write. So it never did and still doesn't have anything to do with money.

Thanks for clarifying.


Goon said...

I was under the impression that you did the article for free and on your own time, however, they are paying you more power too you. That is good, I enjoy reading the USCHO Arena reporters articles.

Are you at the final five this weekend?

Patrick C. Miller said...


I don't get paid a dime by USCHO to cover the Sioux home games and write the recaps for them, which is the way it's always been. A few years ago, they started paying for feature stories. So I do make a little bit in the course of a season.

And, yes, I will be at all five games of the Final Five as a spectator and Fighting Sioux hockey fan.


SoCalSiouxFan said...

Thanks for all you do for Sioux hockey. We are lucky to have you as a contributing writer to USCHO.

Also I have noticed that although USCHO is a national forum for all college hockey fans, it seems that UND hockey coverage is exceptional. Also the USCHO fan forum seems to be very popular with Sioux fans. I'm sure you have a lot to do with that.

Again thanks for promoting Sioux hockey on a national forum at USCHO.