Sunday, July 6, 2008

So How'd I Do?

So, how'd I do in my speculations ("Should I Stay Or Should I Go")?

At forward I picked (albeit with inaccurate logic):
- Oshie to be the most likely to leave, and
- Hextall and Lamoureux to be coming in.

Where'd I miss? David Toews (not Brett Bruneteau) is scheduled to matriculate on the UND campus this fall.

So the tally appears to be: Hextall, Lamoureux, and Toews for Kaip, Radke, and Oshie.

At defense, well, you win some and lose some.

Ben Blood as Robbie Bina's replacement was all but a gimme, but I'll take it.

Let's hope Taylor Chorney's replacement, Corey Fienhage, can make that jump from MSHSL to the WCHA/NCAA. (I'd figured a guy with AJHL time to be the most likely replacement but it seems MacWilliams is another year in Canadian juniors.)

All in all, not terribly bad predicting for strictly looking from the outside in.


Goon said...

I remember someone saying Toews was going to be here in the fall. :)

The reason I said that is that I talked to someone in the know that said as much that he was coming. I had heard that Brett Bruneteau wasn't coming.

Anonymous said...

School is starting. Football is "kicking-off". Let's get this board fired up.